Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On-site supervision evaluation [3]

Effect on project quality control checks can view information about the supervision of information (such as supervision logs, daily supervision, quality assessment reports, etc.) to ask the staff about other ways to check on-site supervision of staff and an important part of their routine inspections of construction site supervision is in place; Field observations by combining information audit to understand the various raw materials entering the actual control of the situation; by sampling tests to check the physical quality of the project Management Unit (Section) whether each sub-item. Segment are the standard, the provisions of the inspection, target the control of effectiveness and so on.

Control effect on the progress of the project Management Group, check on the duration of the main check whether the decomposition of the overall goal and objectives of the control effect in stages, on the progress of the deviation of control measures on construction delay to delay the processing and so on.

Control effect of the examination of investment appraisal of the project the main measure, progress payments are allocated to carry endorsement and procedures, director of the project shall comply with the contract provisions are allocated for design changes, negotiated the actual control situation.

Assessment of contract management is key to understand supervisors a clear understanding of the main construction contract terms, A and B sides, how the actual performance of the contract, supervision of contract disputes and claims processing is properly so.

On the construction site management and safety monitoring effects include field inspection on-site inspection is arranged according to the construction organization design, a variety of materials piling up, store it neat, on-site security is organized, the construction of safe production and construction aspects of civilization What to monitor the work done, the actual effect of such a system.

4, the implementation of company rules and regulations of the examination

On the Supervision Department (group) examination of rules and regulations to implement the company mainly through conversations with the field supervisors in the form of inquiry, to understand the company's familiar mastery of the rules and regulations, as well as by examining the relevant records, such as supervision logs, verify the company's rules and regulations system implementation, implementation.

5, on the Supervision Department (group) performance, coordination of assessment

This assessment is mainly through the investigation to the way owners and contractors to understand Supervision Department (group) level of each business of supervising staff, working sense of responsibility, professional ethics, organizational discipline, diligence and impartiality, organization and coordination capabilities and so on actual performance, in actual practice, you can take a direct conversation with the owner and contractor approach can also be taken regularly to the owner and the contractor sent out a way to carry out feedback letters.

Fourth, on-site supervision assessment Suggestions

Supervision of the implementation of on-site examination of the practices in our company after a year of practice in maintaining and improving the quality of supervision, supervision of projects to promote the implementation of standardized management proved to be effective. To do this job, I think that should also pay attention to the following questions:

First, the assessment should stick with untiring, persistent, the best way to take regular monthly, random sampling method selected assessment projects;

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