Monday, October 25, 2010

Adobe continues to push open road and the Flex 3.0 AIR 1.0

AIR SDK alpha version of the following after the first 12 months, Adobe has released Flex3.0 and AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) version 1.0. Flex using Adobe Flash player offers a build interactive rich Internet applications (RIAs) in the framework. AIR allows developers to use Flex in turn, or HTML / CSS / JavaScript combination to build desktop applications. AIR currently supports WindowsXP, Windows Vista and Mac OS X. Support the goal of Linux version is AIR 1.1. Adobe also released the latest Flex Builder 3 IDE, Standard Edition sells for 249 U.S. dollars, the professional version sells for 699 U.S. dollars.

The New York Times tried to express the change: compared with the struggle of two camps, Microsoft. NET has 2.2 million software developers, Adobe Flash is to have more than one million developers. Adobe Flash developers to develop so far mainly in the Web, as a large number of other uses for Web designers is called AJAX, open source software development tools.

To obtain other points, InfoQ interview on the details of the AIR 1.0 Adobe's Matt Rozen, and also interviewed James Ward on Flex 3.0 release details.

In addition, discussions between reporters and Phil Costa and discuss the product launch, Phil Costa is the Adobe platform business unit director of product management. Costa start with Flex 2.0 to 3.0 progress. He pointed out that the difference is obvious, in fact, many companies also announced today build on the technology version of the product.

See the following press release:

eBay (

eBay Desktop is built on Adobe AIR on an application, the program creates a persistent connection with eBay customers. eBay Desktop product availability in real time directly to the notification and auction updates to the buyer, so that users do not need to open the browser into the eBay site can obtain the latest information.

Nasdaq Stock Market Inc. (https: / / / mr.aspx)

NASDAQ Market Replay to use Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR on the desktop publish a RIA, for financial professionals to replay market activity any time of the details.

The New York Times Company (

The New York Times Company is beginning to ShifD, a new RIA, allowing users to switch between computer and mobile device content. ShifD work on Web sites and mobile devices, as well as between, through a downloadable AIR application, available to the people a way to enjoy mobile media.

Now the popular micro-blog (micro blogging) is launched Pownce AIR-based approach to using their desktop client.

Developer particularly interested in continuing the open source Flex API. First, its unique road map to promote and strengthen the open source code release, closely followed by a public Bug Database, ultimately is the source code for the access. Costa said that as of today, Adobe is testing the source code of the Flex API provides read-only SVN access. This is the introduction of a public JIRA bug tracking system for bug and enhancement act after another. Costa explained that future Adobe will be like this, let outside developers more involved in the Flex development process. His pilot proposal, the initial steps will include the creation of Flex contains the external submitters related items. Subsequent co-operation will include the planning of public version of the development of vision documents, and Adobe and the community in the bug fixes and code review of cooperation.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weaver e-cology used in Xianyang livelihood Shopping

Recently, Weaver came good news in Chengdu, success and livelihood of the people shopping Xianyang Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Xianyang livelihood Shopping Center) reached a partnership. Xianyang livelihood Shopping Center will be opening the Pan-micro-management platform for collaborative e-cology of office as a business information platform, promote the enterprise information construction.

Xianyang livelihood Shopping Center is a subsidiary of Xi'an Minsheng Group Company, founded in 1998, the company has two large department stores and five supermarket chains, with a total business area of 50,000 square meters and employs nearly 2600 people. In order to provide a more satisfactory and considerate service satisfaction and timely understanding of customer needs, Xianyang mall management hopes the people's livelihood through the use of information technology means to accelerate the company's daily office productivity, in order to achieve business development goals. Xianyang livelihood needs of combination Shopping Centre, the Pan-targeted micro-experts proposed collaborative management platform based on Weaver e-cology of information technology application solutions, and through the demo system set up so Xianyang livelihood personal shopping experience and efficient leadership collaborative office environment: the full integration of the daily office resources while enhancing overall resource utilization, staff productivity; facilitate the leadership of the company's operating condition in time and view the work of subordinates at any time to track market trends and customer needs change effectively reduced responsiveness of market changes.

Currently, the project is successfully implemented. We believe that the product formally launched until after the livelihood of the people must bring Xianyang shopping faster and more efficient office environment, the promotion of information technology objectives of its early realization. Weaver will take the cooperation of both successful and vigorously promote the concept of pan-micro collaborative management area in Xianyang wider dissemination within!

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Canon revolution: the producers return to the "complete man"

Conveyor belt production was negative

A production line, connected by a conveyor belt, workers have been fixed in a particular location, specify the installation or plug in some parts, and finally form a finished product. It is well known to modern production methods, the biggest advantage is that every worker had been fixed in the production of one part of Xian, the simply repeated in a Wanquanchanpin Zhong some parts of the Anzhuang or placement. Workers do not need the background of how complex knowledge and skills, do not need to spend time training, just a simple practice of skills education and action. Workers into the production process of "entry costs" and "operating costs" very low. So "specialized" greatly improved operational efficiency.

In 1998, when Japan's Canon of certain products (such as color copiers, digital cameras, etc.) of production back to Japan from abroad, the production of non-belt-style approach, a herald of new enterprises and social development in the future future production revolution began. After several years of operation, the revolution to victory.

In this new mode of production, the workers assembled in the same position a full product can assemble their own needs and experience gained in the assembly and experience, select, adjust and improve the process of assembly operations. A finished product and not through the cooperation of all workers to complete, but by several workers (small teams or small units) work even The workers from the hands of a generation, specialized or professional to be integrated, or whole of place. Because of this, this production mode is called "cell production model."

From 1998 to 2002, Canon in Japan will be 66,000 feet of conveyor belt discarded, while in Japan the total cost of production compared with the greatly increased production bases abroad, but from 1998 to 2003, this revolutionary mode of production help reduce the 27,000 Canon labor, while improving labor productivity 50 percent, saving 72 million square meters of factory space for storage of inventory, enables Canon parts and equipment for the storage of the number of rented warehouse was reduced from 37 to 8, cut 2.8 billion of real estate costs. As the quality and performance advantages, but to promote rapid growth in demand and profits increased significantly.

"Canon revolution" is a conveyor belt-style production of the negative, is very typical of system innovation. In the new model, working relationship between the manufacturing of products is no longer a simple relationship between the local operation, the worker itself is no longer just a big machine, "screws", every worker has had an overall product concept, working itself into the overall product pilots. Everyone associated with a product as a whole, the local production system and technology is easier and technological innovation in product innovation breakthroughs.

Human basis of enterprise efficiency

In Canon's new production mode, working really become a "person", or at least partially achieved for the "people" return. Grassroots workers, is no longer a conveyor belt under way for the machinery and equipment replacement or extension of the simple. As workers become "people", as "people" have been a number of strengths and play to display their enterprise the benefits of growth on a "human" basis.

Look at the history of 20th century management theories, both Taylor and Fayol's "scientific management", or Max Weber's organization theory, Maslow's management of psychology seems to have had an evolution of human values found in leads, business management is also generally the case in the history of evolution. However, careful analysis easy to find, management theory and management of the history of history, all have obvious about who the "dual management" --- in the management of features, only managers are "people", was manager then as machinery and equipment or raw materials and other production factors, not the real "person."

For example, human Ziyuan configuration De theory and practice shows, is configured to people, but is a resource, the manager Zhe Yang's "people", Genjushengchan Xu Yao Quan Pai production Yao Su. Even the emphasis on "people-oriented" business management practices, will also be in the production process were split into two parts: one manager, they are active "people-oriented" thinking and implementation, who can "people-oriented" can also be "Oriented"; the other part is the regulator, they are passive, is the manager of "people oriented" audience, fundamentally speaking, they can not determine their existence, they are far from being "man." This "person" and "inhuman" dual management, management in the last century a century of history, through the conveyor belt was the most thorough way of display.

"Canon Revolution" workers under the changing nature of our business management for the "people first" philosophy and management principles that a new understanding. In the "Canon revolution", because workers become thinking "people", so human nature has been relatively full expansion, the energy of people get a relatively full play, people's value has been relatively full development, labor who are thus "forging" himself. This "forged" in the achievements of each of the direct economic value, it is also modeled the intrinsic value of each person --- growth of knowledge, skills, organizational skills and teamwork, this "people-oriented" management style with achievement of "people" on its own strength.

In the "Canon revolution" under the achievements of the people, of course, has a higher value creativity, they will bring more business revenue. "Canon revolution" to be successful quickly, is working from the "partial" and "parts" and evolved into "human" result.

"Canon revolution" Implications of China's economic development

The world has so many lines why "Canon revolution" took place in Japan? From the direct reason of view, is to consider that only Canon can provide sufficient amount of Japan's Syndicated news the sake of workers in skill; between from one nation to consider the overall national interest, Japan Buyuanyiye Bukenengqiang Shengchan method change Hao Chu, in particular, which achieve the "local people" to "complete" and the benefits of transformation, bringing outside Japan, other countries or regions.

In fact, the convergence of the 20th century way conveyor belt, even in Japan, also has a large number of "partial" or "parts" and transformed them into "full" and need costly "forging" process. Undoubtedly, such a "forged" with success, cultivating and creating the social significance for the whole of Japan has provided more than enough high-quality multi-skilled workers function. This economic sense of "positive externalities", that is happening in the enterprise, but the community has a positive effect for the external mode of production changes, Canon can not choose the country or region outside of Japan to implement.

China's economy and the community for nearly 20 years of rapid development, more rely on labor-intensive and extensive use of resources, pollution and other costs to achieve amazing. China's large number of workers, was one-sided "forging" a very narrow practice areas into "local" or "parts" and do not think they can adapt to a location on the conveyor belt moves a fixed simple. Once asked them to go beyond such a situation, even if very small, have to pay the huge "Beyond the cost." Real situation in China, foreign companies are unlikely to bear such costs; China's domestic capital enterprise, and most are not aware of this problem and not know that the cost of paying for the enterprise and the Chinese economy and society as a whole value. So, in the future this huge "Beyond the cost," Who will pay?

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Data Domain is bidding to users in China which Enlightenment?

Recently, EMC President and CEO Joe Tucci Data Domain issued a letter to the staff of the open letter, its a good show, "You in the data de-duplication technology and solutions are globally used by many business users, with a good credibility to be creative to attract experienced professionals. " EMC Try to win external emotional offensive Data Domain, is the innovation and innovation is created by Data Domain can give tremendous market value.

Data Domain for its forward-looking technology is recognized by the market, which has a data de-duplication and remote replication to disk backup became a new backup standard. Data Domain profits in 2008 reached 21 million U.S. dollars, even if the financial crisis, its growth momentum remains strong. EMC and NetApp on Data Domain's bid, so that customers in China are still wandering in the new understanding of the disk backup and data deduplication technology.

In contrast the Chinese market, Data Domain in the price, the market reaction speed, personalization and so are not much advantage, which led to his flat after entering the China market. The internal storage vendors SOUL (Chung Chi Heda) and Data Domain in the business, technology and so there are many similarities between the forward-looking, in addition to many local firms are more unique. SOUL innovative chip-level architecture "Storage-On-Chip" patented core technology at the chip level to achieve levels of high-performance hardware and software levels of flexibility, based on the technology platform of products can provide customers with personalized custom industry solution program.

SoC technology based on integration of the mainstream SureSave VTL product optimization techniques:

o-line type of hardware-accelerated data de-duplication (remove than 20:1-50:1)

o compression and reduced hardware compression technology (compression ratio 3:1)

o copy the technology (to reduce consumption of online data transfer bandwidth 90%)

In addition SOUL's SureSave product also possesses the unique advantages of Data Domain has not:

Parallel Technology: SureSave should be tailored for the customers as small as possible by concurrent users of a variety of SS technology can be expanded to 16 controllers to achieve the capacity and performance linearly independent or upgrade, eliminating the performance bottleneck expansion. Data Domain and compared to similar products, SureSave greater room for expansion.

Mainstream Tape Library supports a variety of archive: SureSave support many mainstream archive tape library and is self-realization. Compared to Data Domain and other foreign manufacturers do not support the tape library archive or only support a certain brand of tape libraries, SOUL's products not only more economical simply to support regulatory compliance, and improve the utilization of existing tape library.

Deployment and management simple: SureSave provide Chinese graphical interface management software, virtual tape library 鏃ュ父 management, by Web management interface configurations, systems without any command line interface, management He deployed more simple, more suitable for Chinese users habits.

Cost economics: based on chip-level "Storage-on-Chip" technology to minimize the product development and production costs, so SureSave function with absolute realization and price advantage.

As the company's vice president of SOUL Marin said: "Data Domain is a very good bid for the event on the one hand to educate the domestic user with optimization techniques such as data de-duplication disk backup time has come, and no matter who the successful bidder Once DD marry Homer, the White to a large system, the market reaction speed, integration, product life-cycle upgrade capacity are all affected, together with long integration period, so for the SOUL with independent property rights, capacity optimization technology, disk backup and disaster recovery solutions, the suppliers, will mean big market opportunities. "

SOUL's chip-level architecture "Storage-On-Chip" patented core technology to SOUL's product lines and technologies may have very strong development. The one hand, according to the market, industry demand for personalized products of rapid technological capabilities on demand, on the other hand its flexibility can greatly shorten the product development cycle, reduce the cost of R & D and into production, quick response to the market. SOUL in the data center to the tide of integration adaptable, tailor-made for Chinese users with high-performance, low-cost solution.



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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Unicom officially started selling 30 iPhone "contract user" pay 1 month prognosis,

China Unicom [6.64 0.61%] will be officially available for sale on the 30th of this month iPhone, it has passed the online business before the Office of the user's pre-sale contract. Then, in addition to its own sales channels, China Unicom, mobile phone chain stores and Apple stores can buy iPhone bare metal.

In accordance with China Unicom announced before the 24-month contract plan, a total of 8 of file packages to choose from. China Unicom said that, if a participating "iPhone24 month contract plan" to buy iPhone 3GS 16GB mobile phone users to pay 3,999 yuan and 3,000 yuan stored charge, select the package 126 yuan monthly fee, the future net 24 months , 125 per month prognosis, he will return. This use of the business if he did not exceed the amount agreed upon package, only a month and then pay 1 this prognosis.

126 package includes 320 minutes of talk time domestic voice calls, 450M domestic data traffic, 120 domestic text messages and 15 MMS. Free calls nationwide. Excess domestic voice call 0.15 yuan / minute, more than some domestic traffic 0.0003 yuan / KB.

Yesterday, China Unicom officially announced the iPhone price plan bare metal, covers all three versions of the introduction of China Unicom, iPhone, iPhone 3G 8GB which is 4,999 yuan, iPhone 3GS 16GB price is 5880 yuan, iPhone 3GS 32GB price is 6999 yuan.

According to reports, to facilitate the consumers to the genuine of the iPhone, China Unicom will be the official listing in the iPhone, through the Office of China Unicom's business, community primary phone sales channels, Apple stores and online shop selling various channels bare iPhone. China Unicom said it would join with Apple to launch a nationwide after-sales service.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

What career are most concerned about in 2006?

Time mortal, the workplace who have not had time career in 2005, finishing a good mood, caught off guard in 2006, came on the side. New year, always emitting a new desire and interest to new problems. Both government agencies, foreign enterprises, private employees, or at home, SOHO owners, without exception.

Private company employees: I hope that more formal management

Joe Young in a trade class private work, the company is small, only three of 40 individuals, but profitability is considerable, to create two-year profit of 30 million yuan. Joe Young entered the company less than three years, has done a department manager, belonging to middle management, salary early in 2005 exceeded 100,000 yuan mark.

"I am now very satisfied with job and salary, the New Year the only wish is that companies can improve the management level." Joe Young said, as companies small scale management system in place where there are so many to bring their work a lot of problems.

"Management is not in place the performance of two aspects: one staff division of labor is not clear, scientific performance appraisal, instruction is not blocked, used to passing the buck between employees, work efficiency is low. The result is that some people on the go, and some were bored to death, but the same pay levels can be greatly dampened the enthusiasm of staff, not for us to manage. "careful analysis, said Joe Young," On the other hand, because it is private, the power of big boss What the final say by the boss, and some plans, programs without a mid-level discussion on the direct 'Clap' introduction, let us very passive. "

Joe Young said he hoped the company in 2006 to promote the institutionalization of effective management, and multi-reference management experience of large enterprises and management and create a good incentive and corporate culture for employees to create a good working atmosphere.

Foreign Staff: I hope more room for personal development

Daisy is a lively and cheerful girl, graduated series for the 56 jobs, the last in a U.S. high-tech R & D Center "camp", responsible for office administration. "The company attracted me the most is the high level of enterprise management. System is human, but were equally strict; staff with a reasonable, simple relationships; harmonious working environment, excellent hardware environment," Daisy very familiar.

Daisy said that although the company many advantages, but the new year, she was still a little wish: I hope to have more room and more smooth promotion channel. "Foreign enterprises are clear division of labor, each employee to do their share of work on it, a long time inevitably feels like a mechanical repetition of work, job satisfaction decreased. Hope the company can provide a wide range of job opportunities, the staff are all orientation of training and promotion. "

Daisy said, as an administrator, like technology, research and development company based promotion, pay relatively more difficult, and therefore need to provide rotation in its own opportunities, to help understand the company's core business. "My wish is to 2006, wages rose more than 20% position to a supervisor, but one should take the premise of self-development."

Civil Service: I hope to improve the treatment and management more flexible

Zhang Wei of Shanghai as an ordinary civil servant in a body. Concern about the New Year, he was really saying: "I hope that higher wages, more flexible employment system."

Zhang Wei when this is the second year of the civil service. He said that had had an opportunity to enter the foreign, but directed at the stability of the work, chose the civil service. Did not expect to work than students in the company, his salary is only one half of them even less. No return just joined the Shell Take a little more than 6000 yuan monthly salary, not counting bonuses and commission business. Some students on the website, newspaper, television editors and reporters to do a monthly income of at least four or five thousand dollars can also. But far less than his former classmates. "I've heard, this year's civil service will further enhance the standard of treatment, I am very happy."

"Another problem is that organs are rigid employment system the existence of the phenomenon. 'A newspaper, a cup of tea' phenomenon has not disappeared. For young people, their potential not fully realized the lack of vitality and hope in the future have changed. "

January 1, the "Civil Law" officially implemented, many of the problems on the civil service management in the form of the law set down. In this regard, Zhang Wei said he was pleased the legal system of civil service management, so that he is more confident on this job.

SOHO Family: I hope that more perfect social security

Cc graduation from college made the SOHO, for data processing, the taste of nine to five, one day not feeling too. In this regard, he explained, his undisciplined by nature, can not stand people management, coupled with the problems of love lie-in, select the SOHO considered as a matter of course. However, long time, SOHO's shortcomings gradually revealed itself:

As a freelancer, from the contact orders, and customer negotiations, signed a contract to complete the project, a series of reminders to work all by myself one completed, no one else can share, if any family on customers anxious to, that is, do not eat do not have to rush out of sleep; no units to help pay their own various social insurance, and feeling insecure; time, too much flexibility to arrange all by themselves when it comes to relax, time will slip away quietly, not to ensure efficiency; not behind closed doors every day, most of the time with their only computer communication, loneliness often struck ... ...

"As the age increases, more and more intense sense of panic in mind," cc admitted that "to close the said pressure this month, can earn their living from the money; to much to say, but also consider future financial resources is stable and reliable, etc., and they are born with a serious illness if a problem how to do this. "

"I hope the new year, freelance social security policies can be further improved. At the same time, will try to improve their time management skills, such as power and capital accumulation to a certain extent, I would like to register a studio, the recruitment of several individuals, marked by potholes dry a "cc pin great hopes for the future.

Expert Comment:

These four people are concerned about workplace issues, perhaps just from a personal point of view expounded, but also represents a number of career aspirations of people. In 2006, how people achieve their career aspirations, increase access into the job? Reporter interviewed some of the career planning experts.

Private company employees: participation in the management system construction

Hedon career counselor said, the paternalistic style of serious and systematic lack of other issues, is a common problem with many of the private sector. On the other hand, the private sector is a new force in China's future economic growth, provide more professional development. Staff would like to seek the development of private enterprises, do not take the initiative to improve the company hopes the boss system, the communication should be strengthened and the boss for the boss to make suggestions, work together to build a standardized management system and models. But if the boss does not sense any system, the company's future will not be great, you can considering a career change.

Foreign Staff: Do not obsessed with "foreign complex"

Ji Dou professional consultants that foreign is an ideal place for a lot of the workplace, some people want to learn advanced foreign management experience, and some believe that the environment for foreign companies to play their own level, and some think that the work of foreign companies was challenging, These ideas have profoundly affected the career orientation of professionals. However, in career choices, first select the job itself, followed by the work environment.

Foreign management practices, but a clear division of labor too often leads to personal growth was not broad, Daisy is such problems. Daisy may wish to exercise their abilities in various small and medium enterprises, scrapping a "Parthian shot" back to foreign companies.

Civil servants: need career planning

ChinaHR career counselors that, Zhang Wei's confusion is widespread. Civil service pay only at the middle level of society, there are differences between the different treatment units, not "national unity." In addition, the process of civil service reform is still among the job requirements of individuals is not clear, so some confusion caused by the civil service.

Experts believe that civil servants have to make career plans, identify career goals, according to their interests, personality, ability to choose their own jobs. After the introduction of the Civil Service Law, the Civil Service is no longer the "iron rice bowl," a failure will be dismissed; the other hand, professional competitiveness and vitality will also increase the attractiveness of the greater talents.

SOHO Family: charge for self-regulation at any time

Hedon professional consultants, in fact, SOHO family is a form of freedom only, no units of this tree for shade, you have to face their occupational risks. Freelancers have time to recharge your batteries, or do not know which day will be eliminated by the community and become a true vagrant.

Not to regularly pay for their own various social insurance, much more attention on this issue, as much as possible to buy some of their commercial insurance.

In addition, freelancers must be a plan of strong people, know how to maintain balance between work and life than ordinary office workers need to understand science, healthy lifestyles. People are social animals, need to communicate and care, people who want to SOHO, in addition to strengthening the work of self-discipline, it is best to go out and even more friends and the outside world.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On-site supervision evaluation [3]

Effect on project quality control checks can view information about the supervision of information (such as supervision logs, daily supervision, quality assessment reports, etc.) to ask the staff about other ways to check on-site supervision of staff and an important part of their routine inspections of construction site supervision is in place; Field observations by combining information audit to understand the various raw materials entering the actual control of the situation; by sampling tests to check the physical quality of the project Management Unit (Section) whether each sub-item. Segment are the standard, the provisions of the inspection, target the control of effectiveness and so on.

Control effect on the progress of the project Management Group, check on the duration of the main check whether the decomposition of the overall goal and objectives of the control effect in stages, on the progress of the deviation of control measures on construction delay to delay the processing and so on.

Control effect of the examination of investment appraisal of the project the main measure, progress payments are allocated to carry endorsement and procedures, director of the project shall comply with the contract provisions are allocated for design changes, negotiated the actual control situation.

Assessment of contract management is key to understand supervisors a clear understanding of the main construction contract terms, A and B sides, how the actual performance of the contract, supervision of contract disputes and claims processing is properly so.

On the construction site management and safety monitoring effects include field inspection on-site inspection is arranged according to the construction organization design, a variety of materials piling up, store it neat, on-site security is organized, the construction of safe production and construction aspects of civilization What to monitor the work done, the actual effect of such a system.

4, the implementation of company rules and regulations of the examination

On the Supervision Department (group) examination of rules and regulations to implement the company mainly through conversations with the field supervisors in the form of inquiry, to understand the company's familiar mastery of the rules and regulations, as well as by examining the relevant records, such as supervision logs, verify the company's rules and regulations system implementation, implementation.

5, on the Supervision Department (group) performance, coordination of assessment

This assessment is mainly through the investigation to the way owners and contractors to understand Supervision Department (group) level of each business of supervising staff, working sense of responsibility, professional ethics, organizational discipline, diligence and impartiality, organization and coordination capabilities and so on actual performance, in actual practice, you can take a direct conversation with the owner and contractor approach can also be taken regularly to the owner and the contractor sent out a way to carry out feedback letters.

Fourth, on-site supervision assessment Suggestions

Supervision of the implementation of on-site examination of the practices in our company after a year of practice in maintaining and improving the quality of supervision, supervision of projects to promote the implementation of standardized management proved to be effective. To do this job, I think that should also pay attention to the following questions:

First, the assessment should stick with untiring, persistent, the best way to take regular monthly, random sampling method selected assessment projects;

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