Friday, September 24, 2010

Data Domain is bidding to users in China which Enlightenment?

Recently, EMC President and CEO Joe Tucci Data Domain issued a letter to the staff of the open letter, its a good show, "You in the data de-duplication technology and solutions are globally used by many business users, with a good credibility to be creative to attract experienced professionals. " EMC Try to win external emotional offensive Data Domain, is the innovation and innovation is created by Data Domain can give tremendous market value.

Data Domain for its forward-looking technology is recognized by the market, which has a data de-duplication and remote replication to disk backup became a new backup standard. Data Domain profits in 2008 reached 21 million U.S. dollars, even if the financial crisis, its growth momentum remains strong. EMC and NetApp on Data Domain's bid, so that customers in China are still wandering in the new understanding of the disk backup and data deduplication technology.

In contrast the Chinese market, Data Domain in the price, the market reaction speed, personalization and so are not much advantage, which led to his flat after entering the China market. The internal storage vendors SOUL (Chung Chi Heda) and Data Domain in the business, technology and so there are many similarities between the forward-looking, in addition to many local firms are more unique. SOUL innovative chip-level architecture "Storage-On-Chip" patented core technology at the chip level to achieve levels of high-performance hardware and software levels of flexibility, based on the technology platform of products can provide customers with personalized custom industry solution program.

SoC technology based on integration of the mainstream SureSave VTL product optimization techniques:

o-line type of hardware-accelerated data de-duplication (remove than 20:1-50:1)

o compression and reduced hardware compression technology (compression ratio 3:1)

o copy the technology (to reduce consumption of online data transfer bandwidth 90%)

In addition SOUL's SureSave product also possesses the unique advantages of Data Domain has not:

Parallel Technology: SureSave should be tailored for the customers as small as possible by concurrent users of a variety of SS technology can be expanded to 16 controllers to achieve the capacity and performance linearly independent or upgrade, eliminating the performance bottleneck expansion. Data Domain and compared to similar products, SureSave greater room for expansion.

Mainstream Tape Library supports a variety of archive: SureSave support many mainstream archive tape library and is self-realization. Compared to Data Domain and other foreign manufacturers do not support the tape library archive or only support a certain brand of tape libraries, SOUL's products not only more economical simply to support regulatory compliance, and improve the utilization of existing tape library.

Deployment and management simple: SureSave provide Chinese graphical interface management software, virtual tape library 鏃ュ父 management, by Web management interface configurations, systems without any command line interface, management He deployed more simple, more suitable for Chinese users habits.

Cost economics: based on chip-level "Storage-on-Chip" technology to minimize the product development and production costs, so SureSave function with absolute realization and price advantage.

As the company's vice president of SOUL Marin said: "Data Domain is a very good bid for the event on the one hand to educate the domestic user with optimization techniques such as data de-duplication disk backup time has come, and no matter who the successful bidder Once DD marry Homer, the White to a large system, the market reaction speed, integration, product life-cycle upgrade capacity are all affected, together with long integration period, so for the SOUL with independent property rights, capacity optimization technology, disk backup and disaster recovery solutions, the suppliers, will mean big market opportunities. "

SOUL's chip-level architecture "Storage-On-Chip" patented core technology to SOUL's product lines and technologies may have very strong development. The one hand, according to the market, industry demand for personalized products of rapid technological capabilities on demand, on the other hand its flexibility can greatly shorten the product development cycle, reduce the cost of R & D and into production, quick response to the market. SOUL in the data center to the tide of integration adaptable, tailor-made for Chinese users with high-performance, low-cost solution.



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