Monday, October 25, 2010

Adobe continues to push open road and the Flex 3.0 AIR 1.0

AIR SDK alpha version of the following after the first 12 months, Adobe has released Flex3.0 and AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) version 1.0. Flex using Adobe Flash player offers a build interactive rich Internet applications (RIAs) in the framework. AIR allows developers to use Flex in turn, or HTML / CSS / JavaScript combination to build desktop applications. AIR currently supports WindowsXP, Windows Vista and Mac OS X. Support the goal of Linux version is AIR 1.1. Adobe also released the latest Flex Builder 3 IDE, Standard Edition sells for 249 U.S. dollars, the professional version sells for 699 U.S. dollars.

The New York Times tried to express the change: compared with the struggle of two camps, Microsoft. NET has 2.2 million software developers, Adobe Flash is to have more than one million developers. Adobe Flash developers to develop so far mainly in the Web, as a large number of other uses for Web designers is called AJAX, open source software development tools.

To obtain other points, InfoQ interview on the details of the AIR 1.0 Adobe's Matt Rozen, and also interviewed James Ward on Flex 3.0 release details.

In addition, discussions between reporters and Phil Costa and discuss the product launch, Phil Costa is the Adobe platform business unit director of product management. Costa start with Flex 2.0 to 3.0 progress. He pointed out that the difference is obvious, in fact, many companies also announced today build on the technology version of the product.

See the following press release:

eBay (

eBay Desktop is built on Adobe AIR on an application, the program creates a persistent connection with eBay customers. eBay Desktop product availability in real time directly to the notification and auction updates to the buyer, so that users do not need to open the browser into the eBay site can obtain the latest information.

Nasdaq Stock Market Inc. (https: / / / mr.aspx)

NASDAQ Market Replay to use Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR on the desktop publish a RIA, for financial professionals to replay market activity any time of the details.

The New York Times Company (

The New York Times Company is beginning to ShifD, a new RIA, allowing users to switch between computer and mobile device content. ShifD work on Web sites and mobile devices, as well as between, through a downloadable AIR application, available to the people a way to enjoy mobile media.

Now the popular micro-blog (micro blogging) is launched Pownce AIR-based approach to using their desktop client.

Developer particularly interested in continuing the open source Flex API. First, its unique road map to promote and strengthen the open source code release, closely followed by a public Bug Database, ultimately is the source code for the access. Costa said that as of today, Adobe is testing the source code of the Flex API provides read-only SVN access. This is the introduction of a public JIRA bug tracking system for bug and enhancement act after another. Costa explained that future Adobe will be like this, let outside developers more involved in the Flex development process. His pilot proposal, the initial steps will include the creation of Flex contains the external submitters related items. Subsequent co-operation will include the planning of public version of the development of vision documents, and Adobe and the community in the bug fixes and code review of cooperation.

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