Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weaver e-cology used in Xianyang livelihood Shopping

Recently, Weaver came good news in Chengdu, success and livelihood of the people shopping Xianyang Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Xianyang livelihood Shopping Center) reached a partnership. Xianyang livelihood Shopping Center will be opening the Pan-micro-management platform for collaborative e-cology of office as a business information platform, promote the enterprise information construction.

Xianyang livelihood Shopping Center is a subsidiary of Xi'an Minsheng Group Company, founded in 1998, the company has two large department stores and five supermarket chains, with a total business area of 50,000 square meters and employs nearly 2600 people. In order to provide a more satisfactory and considerate service satisfaction and timely understanding of customer needs, Xianyang mall management hopes the people's livelihood through the use of information technology means to accelerate the company's daily office productivity, in order to achieve business development goals. Xianyang livelihood needs of combination Shopping Centre, the Pan-targeted micro-experts proposed collaborative management platform based on Weaver e-cology of information technology application solutions, and through the demo system set up so Xianyang livelihood personal shopping experience and efficient leadership collaborative office environment: the full integration of the daily office resources while enhancing overall resource utilization, staff productivity; facilitate the leadership of the company's operating condition in time and view the work of subordinates at any time to track market trends and customer needs change effectively reduced responsiveness of market changes.

Currently, the project is successfully implemented. We believe that the product formally launched until after the livelihood of the people must bring Xianyang shopping faster and more efficient office environment, the promotion of information technology objectives of its early realization. Weaver will take the cooperation of both successful and vigorously promote the concept of pan-micro collaborative management area in Xianyang wider dissemination within!

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